Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Destruction & Creation

A destroyed bathroom -- giant pink & black walls -- gaps of light where there should be no light, tendrils  of growth where there should be no growth.

No change without destruction, I suppose.  Men climbing through my walls & windows.  Stories of rats and vines and sunshine.  Legendary!  And soon we build . . . what were we thinking of?

Spells for building, solid bricks, safety, security;  insulation & water going where it should (ha! when does water do that??)

In fact, that stuff is so freakin' chaotic & destructive . . . how much destruction in this world due to water overall?  How does it keep up its great reputation?  "Lifegiving" and stuff like that, I guess.

We can't hate what makes us  . . . yet (some claim to) hate Chaos, and that makes us too.  Makes everything.

tenuous -- fragile -- frangible
the exquisite fragility of the human body, our flesh & bones; our mysterious cells & their unknown functions and mechanisms

Is it harder to guess how the universe functions, or how the mitochondria within us every day are operating?  And which one matters more?  What a stupid question!  They are so incomprehensibly different, matters of scale stretched to incorporate concepts.

Can't bear to contemplate universe without mitochondrial cells.  No cells without universe . . . no universe without cells . . . or is light going to claim wave status?  Are there waves without the media to travel through?

Is there a wormhole formed somewhere in space-time every time someone ends a sentence with a preposition?  Explains a lot, actually . . . what else could that rule be for??  (That makes two for me this morning . . . )

As our grammar collapses, so will the universe . . . fold in upon itself, senseless (thanks for nothing, Twitter)

The comma as galactic force of order, holding back the darkness, a last bulwark against the encroaching chaos.  Or would that be nothingness?  Let's all be safe and use semicolons today . . .

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